We are delighted to be giving two further lectures this month at University College Cork and the University of Lincoln. The first one will trace selected works by AY Architects with a focus on the passage from drawing to construction and drawing again; the second will discuss critical design.

Two forthcoming talks by Yeoryia with Niall McLaughlin about their recent collaboration that explores dementia, architecture and drawing, particularly through the contrast between the architect's intention for a building and its subsequent inhabitation. Losing Myself represented Ireland at the 2016 Venice Biennale. Held on 27 February, 4.00-7.00pm at the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture as part of the Bartlett Research Exchange: Health, Wellbeing and the Built Environment event; and on 6 March, 12.30-1.30pm at the Wellcome Trust, London. 

We are excited that two further school buildings go on site this month. We have worked closely with Camden School for Girls to design two two-story building extensions in order to add vital space to its existing facilities. The first intervention will extend the Main Building to develop a new entrance and foyer area, a larger dinning hall and a more spacious staff area. The second will extend the 6th Form Building, facing Camden Road. Both designs will improve the buildings'  associated landscapes. The buildings will be completed in the Autumn of 2017.

We are pleased to announce that construction of the Eleanor Palmer Primary School Science Lab starts in mid February. We worked closely with the school and, through a series of iterations, developed a unique yet affordable design specifically created for young people. The timber building extends into a science garden and is seen as an instrument for learning which will enhance children's understanding of architecture and construction. Integrated within the roof are two triangular volumes that extend upwards creating extra space for daylight, ventilation and science experiments. Completion is expected in the summer of 2017.

A new exhibition celebrating contemporary architecture in Highgate, London, and featuring AY Architects' St Anne's Close, is open in the Highgate School Museum, Southwood Lane, N6 5EE. Entitled 'Highgate Modern Homes', the exhibition concentrates on modern homes in Highgate that have high design quality and advance ideas about living. The exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Highgate Society and brings to light buildings by a new generation of architects in connection with the modern tradition of Lubetkin, Segal and Winter. It will be open until 30 October, accompanied by a series of related talks hosted at the Highgate Society's premises.

We are pleased to see the main reception and offices of Torriano Primary School being completed. See more about this project here.

Our design for a new Science & Technology Lab building for Eleanor Palmer Primary School in Kentish Town, London, has received planning approval. The Lab is designed for children of nursery and primary school age and includes a dedicated science garden. Construction will start in October 2016. To find out about the design, please visit this page.

Dartmouth Park House has been completed. We will upload photographs of the finished project onto this page shortly.

'Losing Myself' represents Ireland at the 2016 Venice Biennale. The project, created collaboratively by Yeoryia Manolopoulou and Niall McLaughlin, involves a multimedia installation and ongoing research about architecture and dementia. The Pavilion was opened by the Irish Ambassador for Italy Bobby McDonagh, followed by an introduction by Raymond Ryan, Curator of the Heinz Architectural Centre, Carnegue Museum of Art, Pittsburgh. It will be open to the public until 27 November 2016. For more information visit our website, documentation on vimeo, coverage by ArchDaily and WIRED.

AY Architect's Flutes is exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016 in a twofold display of a prototype and a drawing study.  A 248-year-old institution, the Summer Exhibition presents 'art created by everyone from emerging artists to the biggest names in contemporary art and architecture'. 13 June - 21 August 2016.

Construction on the York Rise renovation is progressing - the welded steel staircase taking shape.

Losing Myself has just been launched. The website documents our research and design for Ireland's representation at the 15th International Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, a collaborative project produced with Niall McLaughlin Architects. The website, designed by objectif, is conceived as an ongoing repository. It will collate interdisciplinary conversations with experts in fields associated with cognitive processes, architectural design and representation; stories of personal interactions with dementia; and a diary that will follow our design project from initial sketch to final installation in Venice. For regular updates visit www.losingmyself.ie

Forthcoming lecture at The Royal Danish Academy, School of Architecture, in Copenhagen on Friday 15 April 2016, 2pm. The lecture will focus on AY Architects' recent projects with references to some of Yeoryia's theoretical work from her book Architectures of Chance.

Our two-session workshop at the Architecture School of University College Dublin was titled 'Polyphonic Drawing'. Focused on different actions (such as layering, stamping, rubbing out), the students explored drawing as construction rather than image, a process of developing ideas rather than illustration. The workshop included playing music by Xenakis and students responding with live notations.

We are pleased to announce AY Architects' inclusion in New Architects 3, the 'definitive survey of the best emerging architectural practices in Britain today', edited by The Architecture Foundation and published by Merrell. Copies can be ordered here.

Planning approval for extending two main buildings for Camden School of Girls, subject to agreement of construction management plan.

We are delighted that Yeoryia has been appointed Curator of Ireland's representation at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in the Venice Biennale 2016. Yeoryia will work closely with the Commissioner of the project Niall McLaughlin Architects to explore architecture's role in understanding, representing and designing spaces for people with Alzheimer's. The project, entitled 'Losing Myself', responds to the Biennale's overall theme REPORTING FROM THE FRONT, set by Alejandro Aravena. It will comprise a central architectural piece for Venice, an on line project bringing together different scientific disciplines, and a social media campaign extending the influence of the Biennale piece to a broader audience.

Demolition and clearance works have started at York Rise. Completion expected in Spring 2016.

Yeoryia will chair a lecture and discussion with Kunlé Adayemi as part of the Irish Architecture Foundation’s series NEWNOWNEXT Agents for Change 2015. NEWNOWNEXT is about ‘bringing world leading architects to Dublin to discuss innovative research, design and how we can go about transforming the built environment’. Kunlé’s recent work includes the acclaimed Makoko Floating School, an innovative floating structure in the lagoon heart of Lagos. Event details: 19 November 2015, 6:30pm, at Number Six, Kildare Street, Dublin 2.

AY Architects will give a lecture in the School of Architecture of the University of East London on 13 October 2015, focusing on the studio's design thought and process.