Two forthcoming talks by Yeoryia with Niall McLaughlin about their recent collaboration that explores dementia, architecture and drawing, particularly through the contrast between the architect's intention for a building and its subsequent inhabitation. Losing Myself represented Ireland at the 2016 Venice Biennale. Held on 27 February, 4.00-7.00pm at the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture as part of the Bartlett Research Exchange: Health, Wellbeing and the Built Environment event; and on 6 March, 12.30-1.30pm at the Wellcome Trust, London. 

We are excited that two further school buildings go on site this month. We have worked closely with Camden School for Girls to design two two-story building extensions in order to add vital space to its existing facilities. The first intervention will extend the Main Building to develop a new entrance and foyer area, a larger dinning hall and a more spacious staff area. The second will extend the 6th Form Building, facing Camden Road. Both designs will improve the buildings'  associated landscapes. The buildings will be completed in the Autumn of 2017.

We are pleased to announce that construction of the Eleanor Palmer Primary School Science Lab starts in mid February. We worked closely with the school and, through a series of iterations, developed a unique yet affordable design specifically created for young people. The timber building extends into a science garden and is seen as an instrument for learning which will enhance children's understanding of architecture and construction. Integrated within the roof are two triangular volumes that extend upwards creating extra space for daylight, ventilation and science experiments. Completion is expected in the summer of 2017.