Roitika House

Family Residence
Peloponnese, Greece
Completed 2008

The site is in a seaside village on northwest Peloponnese. The house is conceived as two parallel volumes with their own entrances and courtyards, sharing a central large wall along an east-west axis.

The front volume is shifted toward the mountains to the east; the back volume is shifted toward the sea to the west. Each is characterised by a distinct shade of grey-green resembling the color of olive tree leaves. A double-height space in the middle intersects both volumes and contains the living and kitchen area.

Special attention is given to each room’s orientation, views and natural cross-ventilation.


2015-04-15 18.48.47_F_small


2015-04-15 18.00.31_BF_small


2015-04-15 19.15.55_FF_small


The project was delivered to a very tight budget, making use of a low cost in-situ concrete frame, brick infill construction and local workmanship.

A large timber pergola structure on the west side of the house and a number of timber shutters are scheduled for future installation.