Camden School for Girls, Sixth Form

Secondary Education Building
Location: Camden, London
Construction Cost: £400,000
Completion: 2019

We have remodelled and extended Camden School for Girls’ Sixth Form Building as part of a total of two building extensions and alterations that we have recently realised in the school campus.

Camden School for Girls was founded as a school for girls in 1871 by Frances Mary Buss, one of the great pioneers of women’s education. The school promotes progressive education and has an ethos of excellence. Our two building insertions try to address this ethos, improving as much as possible a campus that has little spatial coherence with several buildings built at different periods and in contrasting character.

For the Sixth Form Building, we have improved the spaces of the existing building and added a two storey extension to accommodate a new common area, a quiet study room and a new classroom.

Attention has been given to the proportions of spaces, the positioning and size of the openings for achieving excellent daylight and views, a good ventilation strategy and the provision of generous ceiling heights where possible. Built-in seating areas have been incorporated internally and externally.


The architectural language of the extension has a sympathetic relation to the existing while creating an airy quality of space with more light, views and transparency.








To view our extension of the Main Building, please visit this page.