Architectures of Chance

Book by Yeoryia Manolopoulou
Published by Ashgate, December 2013
Series: Design Research in Architecture

Architectural discourse and practice are dominated by a false dichotomy between design and chance, and governed by the belief that the architect’s role is to defend against the indeterminate. In Architectures of Chance Yeoryia challenges this position, arguing for the need to develop a more creative understanding of chance as aesthetic experience and critical method, and as a design practice in its own right.

Examining the role of experimental chance across film, psychoanalysis, philosophy, fine art and performance, this is the first book to comprehensively discuss the idea of chance in architecture and bring a rich array of innovative practices of chance to the attention of architects. Wide-ranging and cross-disciplinary Architectures of Chance makes illuminating reading for those interested in the process and experience of design, and the poetics and ethics of space in the overlapping fields of architecture and the aleatoric arts.



Bridging a range of positions between practice and academia, this new book series by Ashgate seeks out the best proponents of architectural design research from around the world. Yeoryia’s book is one of the first in the series.

Available by Routledge  and the RIBA.


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